Room Full of Angels

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Room Full of Angles

The short-story “Room Full of Angles” is written in the 90’s by the author Mike Benson. He throws us directly into the story “as my stomach reached my throat…” (P.60, l.1-2) Often you get an introduction to the story you are reading, because it is a good way to attract the listeners’ attention. The beginning in Mike Benson’s story is called “In media-res”. Especially it’s important to know that the story is written by a first person-narrator; this means that we have to be critical towards the narrator’s creditability which later in the analysis will be discussed.
In the 90’s a new problem among youth people have been discussed a lot in the media. In this context we talk about the drug-environment. Sometimes when
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He sees the narcotics in every room and he can feel the thick air around him. It’s like this drug environment gives him something special, because everything is moving so fast. But again it’s hard to rely on his words, because it’s a very subjective description of the place. In reality there could be only one room and the thick air around him could be something that doesn’t exist. Maybe the narrator only sees the Room Full of Angles because he is a drug abuser and lives in a fantasy world.
In the last part of the story another example of the narrator’s uncontrolled life is explicit. (P. 64 l 36 - 40) To begin with the narrator isn’t aware of anything, because he can’t find the girl Tanya even though she is standing right next to him. And secondly they are pissing themselves. These very odd and funny examples show how the narrator’s life hasn’t developed through the story at all.
Something that you especially notice in the short story “Room Full of Angles” is the language use, because the text only uses small letters. Clearly there aren’t many commas and full stops, which make the short story very different to read, and the sentences are filled with words from a dirty environment.
It’s not a coincidence because the text wants us to feel the stream of consciousness you get from the narrator’s thoughts. (P. 62 l.2 - l.7) when the narrator feels the rush while his on drugs we gain insight into his messy thoughts. That could explain why there is no plot in “Room
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