Room Is An Independent Drama Feminist Film Essay

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Women in media are underrepresented. They are overwhelmingly valued in film based on their identification as a mother, wife, or lover. This is cause by media such as internet and TV because they create comparisons by influencing in an individual’s viewpoints of society and setting ideals. Mother’s roles in society are and have been watched at as responsible for the development of their children. If these requirements are not fit by mothers they are looked negatively upon society. Room is an independent drama feminist film based on Emma Donoghue novel and is directed by Lenny Abramson in 2015 that changes society’s ideals of women as mothers. The film narrates “Ma’s” story of being captive in a room that only have skylight, four walls, a bed, a tub, and a TV with poor signal with her son Jack, a child of rape. After seven years, Jack being five, they are able to escape and “Ma’s” readjustment to society story begin. Through specific choices in cinematography, Abramson creates a feminist film that contradict the ideals of mothers in film and plays with “Ma’s” strength making her a strong mother while being captive in room and transforming her into a weak mother when she readjust to society. Strength, sacrifice and love is an embodiment of mother. She should always know how much she is worth and shouldn’t let anyone define who she is. A mother’s feminine power is very powerful and at the same time supportive. Till their last breath, they will love their child unconditionally.
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