Room Nineteen Is The Story I Selected To Write My Research

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Room Nineteen is the story I selected to write my research paper on. This was the first short story that I read from Doris Lessing. This story was really good, it caught my attention as soon as I started reading because I wanted to know what was going to happen next. This story couldn’t have come at a better time, because it related to something that I was going through in life at the time with someone in my family. I really wanted answer why she did it, so as I read the story I kept asking myself questions. In Room Nineteen the main character, Susan, is a person who needs to have a feeling of comfort, love and freedom at the same time. In the beginning of the story everything seems so perfect, she has the life that every girl…show more content…
She even tries to exclude herself from the lives of the relatives by creating a hiding place for herself, up in the attic. She turns into her own world, hiding from reality. The feeling of not being needed turns into demons this is the first sign of the appearance of her madness Lessing is recognized for her craftsmanship by honing stories that effectively critique the social settings of her time. As such, “To Room Nineteen” addresses the struggles of women in 1960s London, including a myriad of internal conflicts that were going too during this time. The story does an excellent job of approaching the dichotomy between the intellect and instinct, which is why it is a story that will catch your attention and make you want to keep reading. One example of this is witnessed in Susan’s questioning of her life choices, but not only is she questioning her life choices she thinking to herself as the demons take over her does this world really need her or is she better off gone from this world. This dichotomy between intellect and instinct, in the “right” choices versus the “wrong” choices, is symbolic of the endless, universal struggle between the mind and heart, she was so happy at first but once she stop getting the attention she got that made her fall in love her heart couldn’t take it anymore and her mind was telling her she was not needed anymore. It also highlights the travails of “thinking outside the box” for women

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