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In this essay, I will explain an unfortunate situation that occurred to me due to being negligent and irresponsible. The way I handled a certain situation also leads me to be speaking about the importance of keeping your items safe inside your barracks room and securing your items. I will be explaining a recent theft that happened to me and how it could have been avoided, had I followed regulations listed in the barracks handbook. Unfortunate things happen when proper measures are not taken. I have witnessed firsthand what it is like to lose important items because of being careless. In this essay I will also be showing the proper way to secure your items in the barracks and why this is important not only inside of the barracks, but …show more content…
That is something I will not be doing again. If I would have been more careful and responsible, none of these unfortunate things would have occurred and I would not have been robbed by my fellow barracks mates. The regulation in the barracks handbook states the following with regards to Keys:
“Either metal or card keys are issued to residents. Residents must carry keys with them at all times as doors automatically lock when closed.
Propping the door open or tampering with the door latch in any fashion is unauthorized.”
Whenever you leave your room, you are supposed to make sure you remember to secure all of your high cost items into your assigned wall lockers, more importantly you have to be sure to lock your door when you leave. When you choose not to lock up your valuables and lock your barracks room door, then you volunteered yourself to be a victim of burglary. Regularly, I would keep my barracks key with me in a secure place, as to not lose or misplace it. Unfortunately, one day I lost track of it and was not able to locate it. It was my negligence and lack of consideration for my personal belongings and valuable items in my barracks that lead to the events that followed. Because I was not able to find my barracks key, I left my room unlocked. This was a mistake that I would dreadfully pay for. When I returned to my barracks, all of my valuable items had been stolen and were nowhere to be found. The sinking feeling of being robbed is something

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