Rooms Division Operation Management

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| Rooms Division operation Management | Higher National Diploma In Hospitality Management | Bheemuck Chuvinee Neha & Emile Natacha Sandrine 11/19/2012 | Acknowledgement We would take this opportunity to first of all, express our words of gratitude to Mr Armooghum, who has been present for our queries. He has helped us a lot in solving confusions. The lectures have been helpful for the assignment, which have been one of the motivating factors. We would also like to thank the organizations or rather the members of the staff who have enormously contributed by filling the questionnaires and giving their personal views and information on the topic. Thank you Contents Acknowledgement 2 Table of Figures 7 Introduction 8…show more content…
This is why it is important like every staff in fact, to have a perfect grooming and a good personality. 1.1.2 Accomodation * Maintenance service. In the hotels selected, the maintenance service is the same. The maintenance service forms part of the housekeeping service, they are in charge of every technical issues such as electricity power cut, no availability of hot water, and others. * Working procedures All hotels selected has the concept of working procedures. But which are different from each other. But the working procedures which can be defined also by Standard of procedures is an important concept having the same objectives. It is applied for standardization and also for effectiveness. As per WawickShire College (2012), Standard Operating Procedure is a ‘’Written procedure prescribed for repetitive use as a practice, in accordance with agreed upon specifications aimed at obtaining a desired outcome.’’ It is important because it helps to have a better standard of the work, and also the same result required. If the SOP’s did not exist, there would be a variation of results, which will be not uniformed. The standard Operating procedures also help to have a better effectiveness of using materials, which will help to have a better lifespan of the materials. It also helps the staff to use the materials in a safe way thus ensuring the health

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