Rooms Division Operation Management

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| Rooms Division operation Management | Higher National Diploma In Hospitality Management | Bheemuck Chuvinee Neha & Emile Natacha Sandrine 11/19/2012 | Acknowledgement We would take this opportunity to first of all, express our words of gratitude to Mr Armooghum, who has been present for our queries. He has helped us a lot in solving confusions. The lectures have been helpful for the assignment, which have been one of the motivating factors. We would also like to thank the organizations or rather the members of the staff who have enormously contributed by filling the questionnaires and giving their personal views and information on the topic. Thank you Contents Acknowledgement 2 Table of Figures 7…show more content…
Qualitative and quantitative research have several advantages and disadvantages, depending upon the researcher 's aim and area of focus. Consequently, both quantitative and qualitative research has been carried out the research. A mixture of both qualitative and quantitative has been employed in the questionnaire. Qualitative research has been employed in order to get statistical information. The quantitative has been employed to understand why the staff turnover is high, to understand the motivational factors and also to know what the staff recommendations are. Both methods were combined in the survey to get the appropriate information. 2. Face to face: Due to the lack of information concerning the recommendation, a face to face survey was carried out. This method consists of an interviewer and a respondent who is assist by the interviewer. This method has been used in order to have more details about the staff recommendation. The staff were able to communicate their recommendations with much more details and it was easier to understand more in depth their recommendations. 1.1 Discuss and Evaluate the accommodation and receptions services offered in the chosen organizations(1.1) and (1.4) A merit grade (m1) will be allocated for effective judgement. Four Seasons The Four Seasons

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