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BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Hospitality Management
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Rooms Division Operations Management (Unit 6)
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The aim of these assignments are to assess the outcome of students’ learning in terms of knowledge acquired, understanding developed and skills or abilities gained in relation to achieve the learning outcomes (LO) and assessment criteria with reference to grade descriptors (i.e. M and D).
The unit examines the role of the rooms division within the management of a hospitality operation, the operational elements that comprise the rooms division and how these are deployed by
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Assess the importance of property interiors and design to effective management using a specific company (AC3.1).
Business departmental plans, operations and procedures
Interior design in terms of visual impact, ambience, ratings, cost
Access to mobility within interior, fabrics/furnishings/fittings
Space, lighting, heating, effect of colour, flows plants

2. Discuss the critical aspects of planning and management of the accommodation service function for a given hospitality operation (AC3.2)

To include the bedrooms, function rooms, meeting, staff, public) Linen and laundry, cleaning, leisure areas, waste management, use of technology, health and safety, consumer and building regulations, evaluating and controlling rooms services.

3. Analyse the key operational issues affecting the effective management and business performance of the accommodation service function for a given operation. (AC3.3)

Human resources
Quality and

Learning outcome 4

4. Performance revenue/yield management activities to maximise occupancy and rooms revenue. (AC4.1)
Revenue/Yield management, forecast methodology, perishability cycle
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