Roosevelt And Roosevelt 's President Essay

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Throughout the beginning of the 1900’s, Roosevelt became immensely favored and adored by the majority of United States citizens. After Theodore Roosevelt served his terms of presidency from 1901-1909, he declared that he would not accept a renomination for another term. With being in control of the Republican Party and also becoming quite favored, Roosevelt was able to name who his successor would be. With having being so popular and trustworthy, Roosevelt commanded the Republican Party to stay loyal to his ways by nominating and supporting Roosevelt’s secretary of war, William Howard Taft. When Roosevelt left office, he stated, “I have the profound satisfaction of knowing that he [Taft] will do all in his power to further every one of the great causes for which I have fought and that he will persevere in every one of the great governmental policies in which I most firmly believe” (6). However, when election time came around, many Americans were not impressed by the actions that Taft had taken and the way he carried himself. Many Americans were against Taft and believed that he was not competent enough to take on the job. When Taft ran for his second term in 1912, his opposers, betrayal of the Republican Party and his seemingly lack of political knowledge and training cost him the election. Mid-way through his first term, Taft had changed his motives and wanted to remove so called “disloyal” members from the Republican party. Around this time, Taft was also in a
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