Roosevelt, Immigration, and "Americanism" Essay example

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As one of the presidents during the Progressive Era, Theodore Roosevelt led the United States of America through a series of dramatic changes that interrupted the lives and ideologies that Americans during the time were more than familiarized with. Industrialization, women’s suffrage, the sexual revolution, imperialism, and “muckraking” journalism were just a few of the controversial, yet significant characteristics of this era. However, perhaps one of the largest and most vital influences during this time period came from the outside. Immigration was an issue that Roosevelt himself addressed rather perceptibly in his paper entitled “True Americanism,” which first appeared in a magazine called The Forum in April, 1894. However, it is not…show more content…
The immigrants were not the only ones undergoing difficulty, however. The United States also experienced difficulty taking in the immigrants. Since almost all immigrants were in dire need of jobs, they tended to settle in urban areas where jobs could be easily located. Often times, immigrants would settle in areas dominated by other immigrants who speak the same language or were from the same country. Consequently, the cities became more congested than ever, and city services were not always successful in keeping up with the surge of newcomers. Although most immigrants were able to find and pursue jobs, many of them were jobs that native-born Americans refused to practice. Regardless of their jobs, living conditions, and/or nationalities, immigrants grew to play a huge part in many areas of American society. According to Roosevelt, Americanism is a characteristic of those Americans who perform their allotted tasks by facing them steadily and bravely, seeing but not fearing the dangers (6). It is a sense of brotherhood. As Roosevelt states in his paper: “Above all, we must stand shoulder to shoulder, not asking as to the ancestry or creed of our comrades [immigrants], but only demanding that they be in very truth Americans, and that we all work together, heart, hand, and head, for the honor and the greatness of our common country (6).” Roosevelt categorizes
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