Roosevelt, Roosevelt And The Yalta Conference

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Roosevelt dodged coffins by attending the Yalta Conference, his primary aim was of course to end the war, however with this in sight, his focus turned to creating a new world organization to replace the failed League of Nations. Unlike Woodrow Wilson, Roosevelt did not want collective security just for the sheer sake of it, he was a skilled politician, and knew that creating a new world organization would mean that he could justify the war to the American people. A “lasting peace” was the aim, and this became the forefront of diplomatic policy. The intercolutor, Admiral Leahy, Roosevelt’s chief of staff, became frustrated at Roosevelt’s “globaloney” , Leahy believed Roosevelt had an obsession with a “One World” philosophy at the expense of hard geo-political realities”. However Roosevelt did not necessarily believe what he fought for, he needed the liberal internationalist ideas to capture the hearts and minds of the American electorate. This was one of the key point of differences between the diplomacy of the Western leaders and Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill constantly needed to juggle inexorable public opinion with realpolitik, - the United Nations was something tangible that ostensibly served two purposes; it could bring an end to world war, whilst also keeping the American public on board with Roosevelt. Roosevelt did achieve his goal in gaining Stalin’s support for the United Nations, which suggests the Yalta Conference did have some benefit to the US. Stalin

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