Roosevelt 's The New Deal

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Chapter 24: In the Election of 1932, Roosevelt was elected president. (With the help of his wife throughout all three terms if I might add.) This was following the times of The Great Depression, so he had a big task on his hands. He proposed the New Deal, which brought along plenty of job opportunities for citizens who had lost their jobs during The Great Depression. The New Deal had seemed to promise something to everybody, so Roosevelt’s popularity inevitably improved as the economy improved. “The New Deal created the Works Progress Administration to give unemployed Americans government-funded jobs on public works projects.” (Roark, 805) This gave millions of people jobs. Of course with anything good, there comes the critics right afterwards. It was mainly businesspeople and conservatives such as Father Charles Coughlin, Francis Townsend, and Huey Long. The Supreme Court also ruled against the New Deal in several cases. The ERA Act came with huge public works programs for the unemployed. There was also progress with blacks and women while they were being appointed to important positions in the government, but criticism for both parties still ensued. However, Roosevelt did win a historic third term and under the New Deal, the federal government assumed new and far-reaching responsibilities.

Chapter 25: World War II is one of my favorite wars because it interests me so much. In the beginning, of course we all know that America wanted to keep its neutrality and isolationism…
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