Root Canal Procedure

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Root Canals In Casselberry, FL A root canal procedure has a reputation for being an incredibly painful process that people avoid at all costs. At Bright Smiles Dental, however, the procedure will not be painful at all because you will be helped by localized anesthesia. The pain comes when you hesitate to make an appointment because you don’t want to have a root canal. You may need to have a root canal procedure if you have: A localized toothache when you apply pressure to one particular tooth. A tooth that is highly sensitive to heat or cold. A tooth that is discolored or darkening. Swelling or tenderness in your gums close to the tooth in question. Recurring pimples on your gums that come back in the same spot. If you are suffering from some of these symptoms, root canal treatment may be the best course of action to improve your oral health. Although we may refer you to…show more content…
If you have a dental emergency that needs immediate attention, Dr. Chatterley and his amazing staff have you covered. Everyone has had the experience of waiting in a hospital emergency room when you or someone in your family has had an emergency. When these situations arise, it’s a forgone conclusion that you’ll have to spend hours in a waiting room. When a dental emergency happens, we want you to know that Bright Smiles Dental will always be there for you. Our staff will do everything in their power to see you the same day! We also have a number on our voicemail that you can call if the emergency happens after hours. One of our staff or Dr. Chatterley can provide you solutions to help protect your oral health and ease your pain before you come to our office. If the problem is deemed to be an emergency, our staff will meet you at our Casselberry, FL office to fix the problem. How We Are Different At Bright Smiles
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