Rootkit: A Malicious Software

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Rootkit is a kind of software that is malicious and gets activated each time the computer system is booted. They are often difficult to detect because they become activated before the computer operating system completes booting up. Rootkit installs hidden files, user accounts and make processes within the operating system. They are also capable of intercepting information and data packets from network terminals and even the keyboard. Generally rootkits would be a term used to refer to those malware that conceal their activities. This strategy of concealing files activities and processes is referred as stealth techniques (McAfee, 2006).
In the early days, rootkits were used by network administrator to get access to a network or computer this technique was known as stealth. However, the same tools were used by attackers to intrude into computers and networks in windows environment; these tools were then referred as rootkits. The stealth techniques began with the computer virus Brian, in 1986. The Brian virus was capable of redirecting and intercepting computer boots sectors elsewhere in the disk. The virus used stealth techniques unlike other viruses at that time that did not conceal their activities. More viruses using more complex stealth techniques were developed in the 1980’s and 1990’s. These early rootkits used two common methods of avoiding detection; they included replacing the bios disk input/output interrupts with different modified results and
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