Roots Canada Case Study

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1) The Problem(s)/Opportunities/IssuesShould Roots Canada Expand to the EU market?There are many possible outcomes for this measure if Roots Canada does expand in the European Union (EU) some of the problems and opportunities, which can state the desired outcome. A major problem concerning the EU is the competition laws they enforce. What this law does is that it doesn't allow a business or organization to sell products at an extremely low price, which renders competition impossible and used to wipe out competitors. This may led to the outcome "anyone can have their stake in the marketplace" whereas consumers will depict other clothing manufactures over roots because that clothing line has been part of the EU and Roots will be taking a big…show more content…
•New Attitudes - Roots have a collection of Roots Athletics, Roots Kids, Baby Roots, Roots leather, Roots men and women and Roots•In partnership with Second Cup. Canada's leading specialty coffee retailer "Second Cup", unveiled a hot new Café Collection designed exclusively by Roots Canada's lifestyle brand for Second Cup's Certified Baristas and Coffee Agents. It's the ideal match of two of the hottest brands in Canada. Roots' designers have combined fashion and function in the new collection of café-wear that truly reflects Canada's coffee culture and the coffee passion of Second Cup. The Collection includes 12 exclusive garments such as the Mocha Polo, the Latte V-Neck and the Scoop-Tee specially designed for women. Both the companies share a commitment to leadership, quality and innovation that is uniquely Canadians. Joint Venture: This would be an example of a joint venture because Roots and Second Cup both strive to be known in the marketplace while continuing to provide the quality of service the customers expect, and they both share a commitment to leadership, quality and innovation. 3) The Alternative Solutions:> The Value of Information: Decision Making Tool. By using DFAIT it can provide trade data, country profiles, and market studies by sector or by country. It can provide specific information on where to start out because the information can be linked to other countries and can be used in Roots advantage. It is a great opportunity to
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