Roots Of Knowledge : Becoming Ellis Boyd Redding

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Roots of Knowledge: Becoming Ellis Boyd Redding With constantly increasing classroom sizes becoming the norm in the US, students are quietly slipping through the cracks with relative ease (Lee, and Loeb 17). Some have the means to compensate for this lack of attention, by hiring private tutors and such, but many cannot rely on this option. The Youth Tutoring Program, a branch of the Catholic Community Services of Western Washington, seeks to address this issue, helping families who have been placed in low and mixed income housing projects. For elementary school kids, their services and curriculum appear well manicured, focusing on reading comprehension and skill building. But for the older attendees of the program, who bring in challenging assignments daily, no such planning exists and the tutor’s personal experience comes more into play. In my time volunteering for YTP, at least once per session a student and I will reach an impasse, usually where the limits of my own memory become a problem. In one such case, I could not explain simple, compound, and complex sentences – thus having to sneakily resort to my phone for details. In these situations, the student has hit a wall and essentially puts the assignment in my hands, expecting that somehow I know all the answers. They become disengaged, and in the time spent racking their brain for answers, no doubt feeling disparate from their peers and distancing themselves from the subject as a whole. As many students do hail from
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