Roots of the Filipino Character

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ROOT OF THE FILIPINO CHARACTER 1.Pakikisama – Is yielding to the will of the majority just so to get along with everybody and avoid signs of conflict. 2.Bahala na Attitude – Leaving matters/ things as they are because nature will take it course. 3.Bayanihan or Team Spirit – This is the Filipino value of camaraderie or helping one another in time of needs. 4.Utang na Loob or Reciprocity/ Debt of Gratitude – Portrays our true identity based on concern and response to others especially in our practice of pagpapakatao and pakikipagkapwa –tao. 5.Bukas-loob na Pagtanggap or Hospitality – It is a welcoming attitude which is a strong Filipino trait where they open their hearts to strangers and visitors and offer them the best in their homes.…show more content…
1872 – The execution of Burgos, Gomez, Zamora 1896 – Jose Rizal emotionally united the people due to their national demand for reform. Andres Bonifacio – Father of Katipunan PATRIOTISM * refers to love for or devotion to one’s country.The Filipino civic code was formulated to ensure that patriotism can be developed in oneself and practiced by all. The Filipino Civic Code: 1.Faith in Divine Providence – Guides the destinies of people nations. 2.Patriotism – Love of country. 3.Love of Fellowmen – Love of fellowmen as brother’s/ sister’s or companion in life journey. 4.Respect for Parents and Elders – Honor to parents through grateful and dutiful service to them. 5.Reverence for Heroes – Veneration of the memories of the nations heroes. INDIVIDUAL: 1.Humor – Value your honor as you value your life. 2.Devotion to Truth – Be truthful and honest in thought and in action. 3.Fortitude – Bear suffering which fortitude. 4.Self-Reliance – Have confidence in yourself and in your own power/capacity. 5.Humility – Be humble acknowledge your own short comings, no human being is perfect. 6.Self Control – Temper your will and curb your passions, longlife peace, and happiness are the fruits of
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