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Roper v. Simmons | March 4 2013 | Criminal Justice 245 | Mr. Cashdollar | Roper v. Simmons I. Introduction This paper will address the Roper v. Simmons 543 U.S551 (2005); it will specifically address the arrest, trial and the legal issues that arose. It will explain and identify the holdings of the lower courts and it will explain and identify the decision of the U.S Supreme Court. II. The Facts Christopher Simmons, who was seventeen years old, and two of his friends by the name of Charles Benjamin(fifteen years old) and John Tessmer (sixteen years old) had a detailed conversation about committing a murder. Christopher Simmons had a premeditated plan to which included, burglary (breaking and entering), robber and…show more content…
Simmons and Benjamin watched her drown. After this incident, Simmons was said to be boasting about the murder to his friends. He told his friends that he killed Crooks because she saw his face. Simmons then later admitted that the accident was his motive for killing Crook’s. Steven Crook’s, the husband of the victim returned home that same day in the afternoon. Mr. Crook contacted the police after not being able to find his wife and noticing that his home had been ransacked. A fisherman discovered Mrs. Crook’s body in the river that same afternoon. III. THE ARREST: Christopher Simmons who was attending high school and eighteen years old at the time was arrested. He was transported to the Fenton police station in Missouri. Simmons was read his Miranda Rights by an officer and he waived his right to have an attorney present during questioning. Simmons agreed to speak with investigators. After being interrogated for nearly two hours Simmons confessed to the murder of Mrs. Crook and agreed to allow the police to videotape him reenacting the murder at the initial crime scene. IV. The SUPERIOR COURT TRIAL: The Missouri State Superior Court sought after the death penalty even though Simmons was only Seventeen years old at the time. Simmons’ was seventeen at the time of the crime and that placed him out in the criminal Jurisdiction of Missouri’s Juvenile Court system
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