Ros: . Constitutional: A Recent Illness Ofpneumonia),C/O

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ROS: Constitutional: a recent illness of pneumonia), c/o fatigue , c/o insomnia Cardiovascular: denies chest pain, Pulmonary: denies shortness of breath Gastrointestinal: c/o lack of appetite Psychological: denies nightmares , denies worrying about anything, O. Physical Exam: Ht: 62”, Weight: 134 pounds, BMI: 24.5 Temp 98.4 BP 128/90 P 76 R18, even. The Oxygen saturation 98%. General 65 y/o Caucasian female. She is cooperative and answers the questions appropriately. Her skin color is pale pink, with no cyanosis or pallor. Her skin is warm, dry and intact. HEENT: The head is normocephalic, hair is thick and distributed throughout the entire scalp. Conjunctiva is clear, and non-icteric, PERRLA, EOM’s are intact. Tympanic…show more content…
Should have a markedly diminished interest and/or pleasure in various activities nearly daily for most of the day time. Should show a significant weight loss (even if is not dieting or weight gaining) or a significant decrease or increase in appetite almost daily. Has insomnia almost every day Shows psychomotor agitation or retardation almost daily Has fatigue or energy loss almost daily Feels worthless or excessively or inappropriately guilty almost daily. Shows a diminished thinking or concentration ability, or is indecisive almost daily. Has a suicidal ideation, and thoughts of death, including suicide attempts and specific plans for committing the suicide. In the case of Katie, she exhibits more than 5 symptoms. P. Diagnostics: No one at this time (Khouzam, 2015) Rx: First line of treatment of depression among the geriatric patients is the SSRIs. As the name implies, SSRIs work by blocking the reuptake of serotonin thereby augmenting it. The selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) are more probable than placebo of producing depression remission for the primary care population; they are the first line treatment for depression (Kovich & Delong, 2015; Khouzam, 2015). Daily dosage of Escitalopram (Lexapro) (Kovich & Delong, 2015) 10 mg tablets PO daily (Lexapro, 2016) Sig: 1 Tablet PO daily Disp: 30 tablets

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