Rosa Lee 's Personal Characteristics

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Rosa Lee’s Personal Characteristics
Rosa Lee grews up as a poor African American women that had to face a lot of adversity. Her adversity started long before she was born. Rosa’s grandparents worked and lived on a farm as a sharecropper in North Carolina. This continued when Rosa is born. She is born into poverty. Her family is now living in Washington, D.C. Her mother continues with the traditions of her parents. Women should only be hardworking in the household. She tries to force this upon Rosa. Rosa’s mother believes that Rosa should be stuck in a household abiding to everyone 's needs.
In school, Rosa had a lot of trouble learning, because there was no teachers that could help guide her. She ends up dropping out of school
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Two Sons
Rosa had two sons Eric and Alvin that escaped the life of drugs, poverty, and incarceration. They did not want to follow the same footsteps of their family members. They joined the Army and worked for the government for the majority of their lives. They both have passions and dreams for their own families. Alvin and his wife bought a home in a middle- class neighborhood.
Although, the sons did not always have an easy way of life. They also become parents at a very young age and dropped out of school. Alvin did continue to get his high school degree and a complete some college courses later in life. They saw what was happening to their siblings and mother from using the drugs and stealing. This helped them vision what their life could 've been if they did not get out of their situation. Eric shouts at his mother, “"You never made it a point to see that we went to school! The things that you have taught us is that manipulating is good, if you can do it. Stealing is good, if you can do it and get away with it. Using someone is good, if you can get away with it."” (Dash, 1994) Eric has a lot of resentment towards his mother. He believes that his mother never tried to help herself and her children to strive for a better life.
Despite Alvin and Eric’s feelings, they always help out their siblings or their mother when they need help. Rosa’s Medical Issues
Rosa did not learn how to read well in school. This impacted her health. Rosa had a history
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