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“Quite Strength incorporates life skills which demonstrate dignity with pride, courage with perseverance and power with discipline in a comfortable environment of peace.” (Achievement, 2010) This quotation embodies Rosa Parks’s philosophy as a person. Rosa Parks is a great example of that philosophy because of what she did. On December 1, 1955 Rosa Parks was coming home from a tiring day at work and was sitting on the bus. At that time the law was if a white person needed your seat, a coloured person would have to give up their seat for the white person. Mrs. Parks was tired of this way so she refused the bus drivers request and that small action made all the difference. Rosa’s actions lead to many more important historical actions, such …show more content…
The Rosa and Raymond Institute for Self-Development is where young teenagers tour the country in a bus learning about the history of their country and civil rights. “Pathways to Freedom program, traces the underground railroad into the civil rights movement and beyond. Youth, ages 11 through 17, meet and talk with Mrs. Parks and other national leaders as they participate in educational and historical research throughout the world. They travel primarily by bus as “freedom riders” did in the 1960’s, the theme: “Where have we been? Where are we going?” (Development, 2008) Over the years Rosa Parks has received numerous amounts of awards and keys to different cities because of all her countless, noble and famous actions. Rosa Parks has also received the H.R. Bill 537 on Feb. 4, m1999 that was passed in Congress making Mrs. Parks the 250th person to receive the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor. Rosa Parks received the highest award given to a civilian citizen by the 42nd President of the United States of America, William J. Clinton. She was awarded the MEDAL OF FREEDOM. In addition each year the first Monday following February 4th is Rosa Parks’ Day in the State of Michigan. As you can see Rosa Parks was a strong, kind, determined women and she truly shows the quality of quiet strength because

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