Rosa Parks Essay

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Imagine what the world would be like if segregation was still active. Rosa Parks was the answer to the plague, also known as segregation, back when it was still active. She became one of the greatest legends in the history books because of it. Rosa Louise McCauley ‘Parks’ is an influential person because of her world changing life, her seamstress career, her role as a civil rights activist, and her success with the legendary boycott. Rosa Louise McCauley ‘Parks’ was a key role in changing human history, but she didn’t start out that way. Parks was born when segregation was still in effect, on February 4th, 1913 in Montgomery, Alabama. She got married to Raymond Parks in 1932, which meant that she was about 19 years old when she was…show more content…
December 5th was when a group of African-American leaders gathered to talk about tactics, and they decided that their boycott effort required a new organization and strong leadership, and McCauley ‘Parks’ was the perfect leader for it. After moving to Michigan, she got a job as a seamstress, then served as a staff member for John Conyers, who was U.S Representative back then. She also was a deaconess of the AME (African Methodist Episcopal) Church in 1964, and, during 1987 in February, in honor of her husband (who died a decade before this event), she co-founded the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development. Parks had several accomplishments under her belt. One of her greatest accomplishments was beginning the legendary Montgomery Bus Boycott that went down in the history books with the help of Martin Luther King Jr, another legend of history’s library. Because of that, McCauley ‘Parks’ was considered a symbol of the Civil Rights Movement. She was honored in many different ways; having a museum, library, and holiday made in her name (with the library and museum being in Michigan), earning more than 43 honorary doctorate degrees, and being voted as one of the 100 most influential people from the 20th century. Some of the medals she earned are, but not limited to: The Martin Luther King Jr. Award, The
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