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Rosa Parks


Rosa Parks’ courage to stand up for rights as a citizen of the USA inspires me to this day to stand up for the ideals of freedom & justice for all. Rosa Parks influenced many northerners & lawmakers to look squarely at the discrimination victimizing Alabama’s black people, and work to correct injustice.

A vital democracy requires citizen participation! The civil rights movement must continue today as immigrants, especially Arabs and Arab look-alikes are victims of prejudice. Washington Territory and Washington State were too long dominated by the Ku Klux Klan. We need active human rights advocates today to ensure dignity for all people.
Shawn Landden [& Chris Bowen]’s biography of Rosa Parks is recommended
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Martin Luther King Jr.
December 1, 1955 Arrested for not giving up her seat to a white man.
December 5, 1955 Stands Trial; found guilty
1955 Attends meeting of ministers who have formed the Montgomery Improvement Association
1955 Start ofMontgomery, Alabama Bus Boycott
January 1956 Loses job at Montgomery Fair Department store
February 21 1956 Reindicted for boycotting
November 13 1956 Segregation on Montgomery buses declared unconstitutional by United States Supreme Court
December 21 1956 Boycotters return to buses
1957 Rosa moves to Detroit
1963 Attends Civil Rights March on Washington
March 1965 Participates in Selma-to-Montgomery march
1965 Begins working for congressman John Conyers in Detroit
1977 Raymond Parks Dies
1979 Leona McCauley (Rosa’s Mother) dies
1987 Founds the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development
September 1988 Retires from working for John Conyers
1989 Attends dedication to Civil Right memorial in

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