Rosa Parks and What She Started

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Segregation was widespread in the 1900’s; blacks were treated awfully bad and had restricted rights. Blacks and whites were treated completely different. Schools were divided up into black and white races. The drinking fountain and bathrooms were divided up and usually everything was new and nicer for whites. Soon enough one individual stood up for her race, and risked everything. The events of December 1, 1955 on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama changed Rosa Parks’ life forever, and helped to launch a long lasting civil rights movement across America. “In 1954 the Supreme Court in Brown vs. the Board of Education, officially ruled segregation in public schools illegal, this encouraged African Americans to fight for their rights” (Hasday: ”Getting America’s Attention”). However, many whites in the South were upset and arguably made life in the South more difficult for blacks. “There was increased violence on blacks, including the famous Mississippi murders of Reverend George W. Lee and Emmett Till (Hasday: ”Getting America’s Attention”). Also, the White Citizens Council represented a group of wealthy individuals like business owners that harassed blacks and didn’t allow them to get jobs and earn a living. Rosa Parks saw the 1954 Supreme Court decision as a motivation, but still faced a difficult environment in the South.
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