Rosalie Biography

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“What is the purpose of having an eternal life I cannot enjoy not even a second of it “those were Rosalie’s constant thoughts for almost a century. Rosalie was a normal person who had a normal boring life that she sometimes complain about, a devastating accident turned her life upside down making her want to kill herself she was not able to have a normal life after that, something that she spent years dreaming of and looking for in every single place she goes to, something that she saw in the eyes of every single person she met for more than ninety-nine years because she could no longer deal with the infinite repetitive and instable life she lived, always running away and hiding her condition from people, neighbors, policeman and every single…show more content…
Then, she went to her apartment, took her cat, her clothes and the most important thing a “film reels” This latter is fragments of tales that tell her life; She was born December the second, 1907. She was married to a military agent. They had a nice daughter named “Kate”. She lost her husband in a car crash it was a tragic accident that made Rosalie widow. Their car crashed because of a thunderstorm. They both passed away at that moment but then something magic happened like a miracle. Suddenly, lightning strikes over her dead body and bring her back to life. She has survived, only to realize that she became immortal, and since that day, her age remained 20 years old for many decades. She spent weeks in hospital unconscious but when she got cured the first thing she did was changing her ID card, passport and her addresses, in short, her identity. By time, her daughter appeared older than her. One day, the police arrested her; they asked her for identification, she forgot to give them the new one, so they realized that she was too old to look like a twenty years old teenager, shocked, the policeman said:”Madam, since you’re born in 1907, so you should now have 85 years
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