Rosalie Huerta . Professor Guy Lord . English 121 . 4 May

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Rosalie Huerta
Professor Guy Lord
English 121
4 May 2017
Hispanics who own a Lowrider have always been frowned upon within the United States. Lowriders have been around since the 1920’s and still live strong today. Lowriding is a lifestyle that privileged Hispanics are able to be apart of. It is a way for Hispanics to express their culture through their vehicles with custom paint jobs, lowered suspension, hydraulics, murals, and rims. Lowriders have been around since the 1920’s, but did not include hydraulics or custom rims until the 1950’s. There are 794 registered Lowrider car clubs with the National Lowrider Club Registry to date. (National Lowrider Club Registry) There is a large population of Hispanic gang members
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The car club has the car show every year the Saturday following Thanksgiving. They ask that participants bring an unwrapped toy worth at least ten dollars for admission. (Vo) Car clubs may carry a negative stigma, but in fact participate in many charity events within their communities. Car clubs do not have time between building their cars and contributing to their community to be a part of an established gang.
Another reason Hispanic Lowrider owners may be considered gang members is because of the clothing they wear. Assistant Professor Struyk from Utah State University says, “Clothing is important to gang members for several reasons, and as such, clothes are perhaps the most identifiable sign of membership.” (Struyk 11) Those within the Lowriding community may wear baggy clothing including pants and shirts, but some do not prefer the baggy clothing. They may also wear clothing that has images to represent their cultural background, which is sometimes referred as gang related. The Los Angeles Police Department states that “gang members often prefer particular brands of shoes, pants or shirts...while clothing alone cannot positively determine membership in a street gang, color and style serve to identify each gang.” (How Are Gangs Identified) Car club members may wear certain colors and have clothing with their car club logo while at car shows. The colors and logos

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