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Rosalie Rayner Women in Psychology Mark Suarez University of Phoenix History and Systems of Psychology Cheri Meadowlark April 29, 2013 Rosalie Rayner Watson was John Watson’s second wife. She assisted her husband in the development of applied behavioral psychology. Not only did she co-author the seminal paper on conditioned emotional reactions, she also assisted Watson in preparing the most popular child care book of the time (Duke, 1989). For these reasons she can be recognized as a woman who has made significant contributions to the field of psychology. Her background, theoretical perspectives, and contributions to the field of psychology have made her stand out above the crowd. Early Years Rosalie was born in 1899 to a…show more content…
Watson's view on behavior was that it was purely elicited. He believed that people did not experience emotions, that they were a response to some other stimuli. Watson's goal for classical behaviorism was to create a more objective science. When Rosalie assisted Watson in the Little Albert experiment, she showed other psychologists the theories that she supported. Contributions to Psychology Although Rosalie did not make any contributions on her own to psychology, her name is paired with John Watson’s on one of the most influential studies of the 1920’s. “Little Albert” is such a landmark study because Watson and Rayner were able to show that emotional responses could be conditioned, or learned. The implications of this research over the years have been outstanding. The “Little Albert” study is extremely important in psychology and other disciplines. It has inspired other important researchers of the past and continues to impact the direction of psychological investigation today. The “Little Albert” implications had a profound effect on the world at the time. In fact, Watson’s findings continue to influence psychology, especially therapy, even in modern times. When I chose Rosalie Rayner last week, I had no idea that her career was so short lived. I figured since she worked with John Watson on a
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