Rosalind Franklin Dna Structure

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The Structure of the DNA

Rosalind Franklin once said “We wish to discuss a structure for the salt of deoxyribose nucleic acid. (DNA). This structure has novel features which are considerable biological interest.”. Franklin is a chemist who was betrayed by her own colleague and her rival chemist got her only piece of evidence (or work). Franklin had a bad relationship with her colleague Wilkins and that is what got her that bad luck. Franklin created the first DNA structure proof and used persistence to innovate ways to overcome a lot of hardships and illuminated the world of chemistry by giving the first DNA structure.

Rosalind Franklin was a chemist who made the first DNA structure in 1953.. DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid. A DNA model
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Franklin then moved on to be an assistant researcher at British Coal Utilization Research Association, where she studied coal and that was pretty much her Ph.D. Franklin was then appointed at Laboratoire Central des Services Chemiques de I’Etat in Paris where she learned about crystallography and learned about X-rays and how they create images of crystallized images. Franklin then refined the machine because it was not always accurate and unorganized. (Franklin 2015) Franklin then took the challenge that another chemist took up and Franklin put a DNA fiber under the X-ray machine she created and refined, it took 100 hours but Franklin finally got the the picture called “Photograph 51”. Franklin’s colleague was not having a good relation with her and he took the picture and showed it to the other scientist and that caused panic for Franklin.

Rosalind Franklin affected society by changing chemistry in a well organized science that can help almost anyone in need. Franklin also changed the way society works today (unless this was already in play) was to be cautious about who you trust and what you trust them by as Franklin was betrayed by her colleague and Franklin’s rival or other scientist got the structure out first so he was rewarded with a nobel peace prize. Franklin changed so many people’s lives just from a DNA structure so that a lot
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