Rosalind Franklin: Exploring The Real Structure Of The DNA

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For many years people have been interested on how our body works, and why we are the way we are. The discovery of the DNA takes place in 1952 with John Watson, Francis Crick, and the less famous for this discovery, Rosalind Franklin. However, there have been more people that have been crucial to the discovery of DNA, as it is Gregor Mendel with his publishes results of inheritance of factors in pea plants, and many other scientist that without actually understanding or trying to find the truth about DNA, they encouraged people to be more interested on what are the reasons we are the way we are.
DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic acid and it is a molecule that carries all the genetic codes of all known living organisms as well as many viruses.
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It surely has been one of the most remarkable discoveries in the century, but what people normally do not know, it is all the work made by Franklin; without her Watson and Crick would have never known the real structure of DNA.
So back in 1950s, Franklin was hired to work at King’s college in London. She was hired by JT Randall, who was the director of the bio-physics labs. She was offered to work there to create an x-ray diffraction unit, which later on will reveal the key of life. Franklin contribution to the discovery of the structure of DNA was with x-rays she was able to take a picture of the DNA, but she was not able to decrypt it without Watson and Crick. She discovered at that time that there were 2 forms of DNA, but the B form was the one that helped the most to find out the double helices in the
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The relationship between Watson and Franklin was never good, maybe because Franklin rejected to share her work with Watson, but quite frankly the DNA would not be known without both of them, even though Watson stole Franklin’s idea. It is a shame that Franklin died so young, and that she did not get to be part of the winners of the novel prizes for discovering the DNA; which is always going to be a good question, we never know if she was going to be part of the novel prizes, even though her contribution was vital for this investigation and that is something we cannot denied. She was loved by some, and hated by others, but she always tried to do the best for humankind.
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