Rose : A Young Girl With Brown Hair And Blue Eyes

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Rose just graduated college. She is a young girl with brown hair and blue eyes. Rose was always the one in high school to make fun of everyone else. She always was called the mean girl of the school. She always targeted a little girl named Charlotte. Years have passed now and Rose has graduated from college and moved to New York, ready to start a new beginning. She has a wonderful boyfriend named Matt that treats her like an angle. Everyone says they’re meant to be and that they love each other with internal love. Accept, Matt doesn 't know who Rose use to be in the past. He only sees the lovely, helpful Rose, that he loves very much. Rose just got a new apartment in New York. Rose loves the color red. Her apartment has a red door, red…show more content…
When she went to the door there wasn 't anyone their but, a package of cigarettes on the ground in front of her door. Rose had given up smoking long ago. When Rose was in high school she would smoke everyday all day long. She would burn people with her cigarettes and their skin would turn very red and stay that way for a long time. She regrets that stuff now, but she will never forget it, and either will the people she did it too. Rose ignored the weirdness of the cigarettes and went to packed up her purse to head to the dinner. But, when she turned around to get her purse she realized it wasn 't where she put it. There was a draft of wind in the air of Roses apartment. That’s when Rose realized that the window was open. When she went to close the window her purse was hanging on the window ledge. When Rose grabbed her purse she looked inside to find that all her money had been stolen. She wanted to leave as soon as possible so she ran out of her apartment and ran to the taxi. Rose didn 't have a car since she wasn 't the wealthiest and just moved to town. She called a taxi before hand so she wouldn 't be late to the dinner. She noticed the taxi was 10 minutes early and she was excited to get going. In the taxi she call Matt to tell him she was on her way. In the background the taxi driver had Roses favorite song playing. Rose sang the song to Matt on the phone while swaying her head back and forth. Rose
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