Roselily By Alice Walker Summary

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The theme of Alice Walker’s “Roselily” is letting go of your past life to start a new one. Letting go of what came before is something that many deal with, and this is a struggle that the main character of the story faces and ponders as she takes her first steps on a new journey. The story “Roselily” is about a middle-aged african american woman who will be taking on a brand new life in marriage. However, she does not know what this future will bring her and she contemplates if her new life will truly be happier than the one she is leaving behind ( “She dreams; dragging herself across the world. A small girl in her mothers white robe in veil, knee raised waste high through a bowl of quick sand soup (Walker pg.1).” In this…show more content…
“But of course they know no reason why beyond what they daily have come to know. She think thinks of the man who will be her husband, feels shut away from him because of the stiff severity of his plain black suit. His religion. A lifetime of black and white. Of veils. Covered head (Walker pg.2). In this quote the author expresses the views Roselily has on her new husband and what he life will be from this point forward. Roselily sees how different she is from her husband and that scares her. She sees her future being a simplistic world where she will have no more hard choices to make, no more worries, and even perhaps no more emotion ( “ These two should not be joined,” as the Preachers’ speech continues Roselily’s mind ventures to the past once again. 
 “ She thinks of her mother, who is dead. Dead, but still her mother. Joined. This is confusing. Of her father a gray old man who sold wild mink, rabbit, fox skins to Sears, Roebuck (Walker pg.2). Roselily once again starts to think back to the days when she was a child, to the days when she had no worries. She feels her mother who is dead still stands beside her in spirt to guide her on this unknown journey she is about to embark on, and for a moment it gives her comfort. “Or forever hold,” the Preachers’ words ring in Roselily’s ear. “ She does not even know if she loves him. She loves his sobriety. His refusal to sing just because he know the tune. She loves his pride. His blackness and his gray car. She loves his understanding go her condition. She thinks she loves the effort he will make to redo her into what he truly wants (Walker pg.3). Here the author really dives in to what Roselily thinks of her new husband. She knows she doesn't love him and probably never will. However, there are aspects about him which she thinks she can love and she realizes that will have to do
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