Rosella Vasta Thesis

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When our world becomes under attack, we sometimes freeze and don’t know how to respond. With many people with diverse skills, some feel like they don’t have an outlet to mourn, but we all have a way to contribute and mourn when devastation does occur. That’s what Jacqulyn Buglisi and Italian artist Rosella Vasta did on 2011 as a tribute to 9/11. 9/11 has affected all American regardless of all the barriers we place ourselves. Before this event occurred, Americans were under the assumption that no one can breach our invisible force field of isolation. This assumption does still remain but we as a nation have taken preventive action and implemented policies in order for another event like this won’t happen again. After this shocking event,…show more content…
The piece was presented calm and simple but the intention affected every American recovering from the event mentally, physically, and emotionally. The rhythmic drum beats and the dancers gracefully projecting their positive message at Lincoln Center. While presenting this piece, the dancers made no acknowledgment of the presence of the bystanders. It was every spiritual and the inner soul. The dancers began with arms and legs close to the overall core center of the body, then alternately projecting one arm in staccato towards the sky as an indication of the towers. The dancers keep this routine while they move in a circular pattern in Sudden Time around the fountain and progressively making the symbol of peace. This example is not the only political statement seen in the artform, another example of art carrying a political statement is the song Flawless by Beyonce. This song is about how women are judged by a set of stereotypes that is preventing women from being successful. Beyonce’s purpose for this song is for people to get past that stereotype and to allow women to have more roles in society; however, the song did not do much in persuading the public. She manipulated her opinion to persuade society of this idea, but the idea got lost in the
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