Rosemary Dobson

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Rosemary Dobson Before we start with the poems • Do you remember who Rosemary Dobson is? • What did she write about? Classwork from the previous lesson Words to Define: • Cherubs: a winged angel • Mizzen-mast: The third mast on a ship, usually after the biggest one. • Agape: mean to love (Greek agapi), in Christian theology love of God or Christ • Triton: Greek god, messenger of the sea, a merman son of Poseidon. • Conch: name give to a number of sea snails, also known by their shell • Scrolls: a roll of papyrus, parchment, paper containing writing. • Heathen: a person not relating to the widely held religions by those who do • Columbus: An Italian traveller who went to Portugal and was sent to explore. • Isle of Pearls: a…show more content…
The negativity, the complexity and the suffering that life may entail. The girl is on the threshold of mature life which brings with it the realisation that time is finite and humans are mortal. It marks the transition between childhood to adulthood. • Stanza one: What is happening in
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