Rosemary Singing

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Will talking or singing to rosemary plants cause a larger increase in growth speed? If rosemary plants are sung to, then they will grow faster because of the effect singing has on plants. Notably, singing has a much higher frequency than speech. In relation to that, higher frequencies have a more powerful effect on plants than lower frequencies. But rosemary plants need more than just singing to grow tall, there are specific environmental features that are key in the growth of rosemary plants. On an important note, the frequency of singing is much higher than that of speech. Typically, speech occurs at lower frequencies and in a more narrow range of frequencies (Nix, 2014). Frequency is the number of cycles per unit of time, or the number of sound waves that enter the ear per second (Hass, 2003). Furthermore, the length between those waves is the wavelength (Jones, 2016). Because all sound waves travel at the speed of sound, waves with shorter wavelengths enter the ear more frequently (Jones, 2016). Therefore, waves with shorter wavelengths have higher frequencies (Jones, 2016). In addition, shorter wavelengths create higher tones, like in a song (Jones, 2016). Plants are more affected by higher frequencies…show more content…
In addition to that, sounds at higher frequencies cause a more active reaction in plants than lower frequencies. While different frequencies of sounds may affect all plants, rosemary plants have their own grouping of environmental needs to ensure the tallest growth possible. So, will rosemary plants grow taller when spoken to or when sung to? The expected outcome of this experiment is that singing to rosemary plants will cause them to grow faster because of the gene response to high frequency sounds, like singing. Because rosemary plants are more often used for cooking and less for show, it important to make sure that the plants grow as tall as
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