Rosemary's Baby Sociology

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Hegemony is the accepted beliefs of the ruling class and negative representations exist because those in power, the elite’s offer audience’s representations, which present certain groups in a negative light. There is a “phallocentric order” (Newsom, 2012, p. 125) the privilege of the man in the construction of meanings. This allows man to create certain representations of women as they have power within the media. The media products analysed were originally novels written by and adapted for the screen by men. “Throughout history males have done all the writing and filmmaking, naturally from a male’s point of view” (Thornham, 1999, p. 14). Those who fall outside of the hegemonic ideal are represented as deviant and the elites construct texts…show more content…
Rosemary acts as a symbol of caution to women who were rebelling against the hegemonic ideal. “So long as there are men in power, ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ will endure as a cautionary tale” (Henderson, 2013). This warns the viewers of what may happen if women rebel. ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, could be perceived as a warning from Hollywood telling us that women need to be careful, as women are dangerous and threaten the status quo. “For Rosemary, this task now is to conform to her role as a young wife” (Caputo, 2012…show more content…
This is significant within ‘Rosemary Baby’, as the 1960s was the start of second wave feminism. The patriarchal elites felt threatened by women, and this direct influence is evident in ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, as she is oppressed for rebelling against her husband. ‘The Shining’ era was pivotal for feminism, as it was rising in popularity. This is evident within the film, as Wendy at points becomes physically stronger than Johnny. This shows although the paternalism was still in place, women in horror films were becoming less oppressed by dominant masculine
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