Rosen Shingle Creek Is A Hotel

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Introduction Rosen Shingle Creek is an independent, privately owned hotel located in Orlando, Florida. Rosen Shingle Creek is a hotel that has an array of amenities. They have a spa, golf course, pools, tennis court and nature trails. The hotel was founded on a waterway that is the headwater to the Florida everglades. Numerous stakeholder groups exist since the size of the hotel is so vast. Everyone plays a part in the success of Rosen Shingle Creek including suppliers, customers, employees, government, community, and the hotel itself all have a vested interest in Rosen Shingle Creeks’ Success. Rosen Hotels began in 1974 when Harris Rosen purchased his first hotel, a Quality Inn off of I-Drive. Harris Rosen, a Cornell Hotel Administration graduate originally moved to Orlando to help develop Disney but ended up getting fired for, according to his managers “not respecting Mickey Mouse”. In order to promote his first hotel, Rosen hitchhiked to the Northeast U.S. whilst negotiating with charter bus companies to secure bookings and keep occupancy rates high. Before he knew it, Rosen was saving $200,000 a year in order to invest in more hotels. Harris Rosen now boasts seven hotels and three are full service convention centers and resorts with annual revenue of $268.8 million. Ultimately, Harris Rosen is the primary stakeholder, originally starting the company and leading it to where they are today. Suppliers The next group we’ll take a look at is an important stakeholder group

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