Rosetta Stone : An Innovative Technology Company

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Rosetta Stone is an innovative technology company that operates in the education field. Their competitive advantage lies in the idea that they are able to use the strengths of a technology company and apply them in the educational landscape where the competition appears to be more traditional. Through research and experience, Rosetta Stone has created a unique product that can be used all around the world no matter of the level of education of the person. Their first goal is to market themselves as an innovator in the technological world. They do not want to narrow themselves solely as a language platform, but instead as a resource for people from all around the world that have the desire to learn a new language using a proven and effective approach. The main strategic idea that Rosetta Stone is trying to achieve is to change the way people learn. They need financing to reach more customers and show that their learning strategy is not only great for languages but also to learn anything else. Looking at the financial forecast provided in the case, it appears too optimistic because the real decline in growth only happens around 2012. Rosetta Stone being as successful as they are and going public soon will entice other companies to at least follow their lead and increase the competition in the technology and educational sector. This increased competition would cause revenue growth to decline at a faster rate than what management projects because similar companies would get

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