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Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

1. What are the pros and cons of moving from individual brands to a corporate brand?
Read carefully the case and make a list of the pros and cons of maintaining the Individual Branding strategy or changing to a Corporate Branding strategy. Use the following table to summarize your findings.

| |Individual Branding |Corporate Branding |
|Pros |No additional marketing expense |Widens customer’s list to Ultra Luxury resorts |
| |Things remain as they are. Steady market |Increase revenue from
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If the branding strategy is to be implemented, several steps should be taken in order to maximize an efficient return of investment. Most of the preparation steps needed should be geared towards the guest comfort and satisfaction; which in turn “entices” the guest to return. The more guests, the more return of investment.

The hotel management would need analyze and implement some of the following changes:

• Encourage trips to their other properties – (cross promotions across all hotels) • Incentives to property owners and guests when they try a new Rosewood hotel. • Preserve the uniqueness of each property while still promoting the Rosewood brand/name • Invite artists, designers and architects to visit and aid in the renovation of the properties (in order to keep décor, while incorporating brand) • Develop a metric to measure quality of service and customer satisfaction and implement it across the border in all properties • Develop and successfully use a database of customers (both national and international) which will allow the collecting of data easier and will be beneficial when presenting offers to different customers. • The hotel will need to differentiate their business in order to avoid “feeling” like the other chain-like luxury hotels. However, each property should be enhanced and upgraded individually in order

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