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Ross Hayman Mrs. Owens English 12 13 March 2017 Term paper The U.S. should invest in alternatives to oil, and drill on the United States grounds because it will assist the economy, preserve energy and fix the world’s environmental problems. The supply and demand for oil is always on the rise, and problems are contemplated with the use for oil. Those problems are starting to catch up to the modern world, and something needs to change before the world enters a black out. Experts can predict that there is estimated to be somewhere around 61 years of oil left for us to use at our current rate. The demand for oil is always rising. People in today’s modern society rely so heavily on oil, that they would not know what to expect if it…show more content…
Also would be hurting wildlife. Drilling in Alaska would allow many people to start their new career of working on the pipeline. I see it as being similar to the gold rush in the mid 1800’s. In the mid 1800’s many people fled out west to California on the hunt for gold. Gold was extremely rare but if one person found gold they would have money to go back home and support their families. This situation would be similar except it would oil. Drilling in Alaska would drastically change the unemployment rate. We can harness so much energy the United States has to offer and the first step is to get the oil that we already own. The unemployment rate has been declining and increasing constantly. Harvesting oil on the United States grounds would create jobs for thousands. The keystone pipeline is a major current topic in politics. President Trump is all for it and other members of congress are strongly against it. Most people oppose the pipeline because the cost. It is estimated to be somewhere around the five point three billion dollars to build the pipeline. Many people also the pipeline could contaminate water which could harm any living thing on this planet. No one wants contaminated water,but there is no proof or any recent accidents that show pipeline will hurt the water in the ground. An explosion could also happen but it is very unlikely, and if an explosion would ever occur. It could possibly affect the air and hurt people with asthma. Not only would this

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