Rot & Ruin

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Do you have any idea of how you’re going to get anywhere in life after high school? You may not have to look too far for the answer. There is a very important part in getting ready for the next big step in your life; you can even find it in the books you read. Believe it or not, well written literature can help you to get an idea of how to prepare. Rot & Ruin is a novel that teaches about working hard to achieve your goals. This is important for everyone, including teenagers, today. In Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry, the author uses conflict to develop the theme of having to work hard to reach your goals. Maberry shows this by facing the main character of his novel, Benny, with the problem of his friend, Nix, being taken. In the story, bounty…show more content…
This will help you to get into a good habit. Good performance in school will reflect positively on yourself later. People will see you as a strong competitor. Future employers will pay more attention to your applications; they will be more interested in you as a new employee to hire. In Rot & Ruin, Benny had to go through a huge group of zombies during his travels to find Nix. He was forced to face his problem head on. He rushed through all of the living dead with all he had. He gave it his all and he made it through. You have to do the same thing he did, not literally; with realistic obstacles. With enough hard work and determination you can accomplish your obstacles and succeed in life; however, you have to stick with your subject all the way through. So now that you know about how you can have a good life after high school, what will you do? We can all start by putting our best efforts into what we do in school and planning ahead for college. If we are to succeed, this is going to be the most important factor in achieving what we’re reaching for. So, you can start now by getting up and working, or you can remain seated and not worry about all of that now, but it will matter later. Take the first step and contemplate whether you want to do this yourself and have a bright
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