Rotation of Mental Images and its Effects on Reaction Time

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The research study was IRB approved and the participants for this study were not compensated. However, by remaining in the course, the students gave consent to participate in all studies. There were a total of 22 participants, 20 being females and two males. The participants consisted of 21 right-handed individuals and one left-handed. The mean age was 21.09 years, and the standard deviation for age was 1.02.
The materials used for this study included PsychMate Student Version 2.0 (St. James, Walter Schneider and Amy Eschman.) Psychology Software Tools, Inc. Along with the PsychMate software, a computer provided by Queens College was used in order to successfully complete the study.
The experiment done for this study was chosen from the “Perception” section of the Experiment Categories menu of PsychMate. The experiment selected was titled 1.3 Rotation of Mental Images. The experiment Rotation of Mental Images was conducted in the “Normal” mode. The expected Running Time for this experiment was 18 minutes.
The task of the experiment was to determine whether the stimulus presented was a mirror image or a match of an image compared to our own “perception” or representation of the image. For example, is the image shown, an exact…
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