Rotational Interia

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Turning is a major part of a dancers training. Most dancers can spin at least 10 times together. Sometimes some dancers can only turn 3 times. It depends on the strength of the dancers legs and feet. Angular velocity is a way to figure out how fast an object can spin. The rotational axis can vary due to the type of dancer they are. Rotational interia is also an important role in a dancers turns this indicates the interia of the rotations. Interia in general is the tendency of an object to keep doing what it's doing. If a dancer has a large angular momentum it will be a harder for the dancer to slow down and stop spinning.The Torque is a measure of how much a force acts on the dancer for the dancer to rotate.

The center of gravity is an important subject that all dancers should learn about to better themselves and there education on dance. The Center of gravity on a dancer is there inner balance. In order to stay balanced the center of gravity must
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A dancer must keep their body still and focus on a single object while squeezing there whole body together to keep a steady Balance. A change in the angular momentum is equal to the torque exerted on an objects time to the duration of the time the torque was acting.

The rotational interia indicates how difficult it is to start an object spinning. This also depends on the mass of the dancer placed from the rotational axis. The greater the mass the greater the rotational interia, if the dancers distance is doubled the rotational interia gets quadrupled .
If no torque is applied the momentum stays the same. The angular momentum is the rotational interia times the angular velocity. The greater the rotational interia the smaller angular velocity.
A fouetté for example is a type of turn that dancers do particularly ballet and point dancers. When the dancer starts turning the arms are brooch together the rotational interia is small, there is a large angular
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