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Crocs, Inc. headquarters
7477 E. Dry Creek Pkwy.
Niwot, CO, 80503 United States
(303) 848-7000 Feb 20, 2007

Dr. Miri Renert
Head of the English Department
The College of Management - Academic Studies (COMAS)
7 Yitzhak Rabin Blvd.
Rishon LeZion 7502501

RE: Crocs marketing mix and SWOT analysis

Dear Dr. Renert,
In response to your letter, here is information about Crocs marketing mix, SWOT analysis, challenges and an alternative strategy.

Our company currently targets multiple market segments ranging from boaters to gardeners to simply individuals wanting a comfortable pair of sandals. Crocs' initial foray into the market was an effort to provide a comfortable pair of nonslip boating
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Yet, the major promotion tools we have been using are online promotions and magazine print ads. In addition, our website provides a list of "shows and events" the company attends at different cities and towns across the US during the year so that it can capture exposure and publicity with minimal expense.

Attached a SWOT analysis:

Weaknesses- Sales are highly seasonal; there is not a consistent revenue stream, Which causes a significant drop in revenues during the winter.- The threat of generic substitute products is high, what limiting the company raising prices and can cause the company to lose customers. | Strengths:- Crocs, Inc. has global distribution, in more than 30 countries, what makes the company very popular and enlarges its revenues. - The company holds licensing agreements with sports teams as well as Disney Nickelodeon, what makes the company more popular and required mainly among kids and teenagers. | Threats- There is a trending decrease in disposable income in the US market; this is a strong determinant for domestic demand and can affect the ability of people to shop.- Cheap imports drive down market prices. It can affect the ability to raise prices or make products more expensive. | Opportunities:- The ability to respond quickly to changing consumer trends will provide a stronger competitive advantage.- Brand recognition is a key success factor for competitiveness, and a strong brand will stimulate demand. |

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