Roto Rooter Commercial History

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Roto-Rooter has been a household name for as long as most can remember. Roto-Rooter’s first commercial was on the radio. It was the jingle gave that informed the listener of who Roto-Rooters was, as well as the various services that was provided. Jingles are created to trigger your memory when their services. Since 1935, if asked to name plumbing companies, almost all would think of Roto-Rooter at some point in the creation of their list. Founder Samuel Blanc created his first sewer machine from parts of a washing machine, skate parts, and a cable. The machine was so effective, Mr. Blanc’s wife called the device a “Roto-Rooter”. Roto-Rooter became the number one provider of drain and of plumbing issues in North America. It was not until
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