Rotten Apples By Haley Sweetland Edwards

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Analysis: Rotten Apples In the article, “Rotten Apples,” Haley Sweetland Edwards discusses the issues of teacher tenure and struggling schools in California. Rich businessmen like David Welch argued that California’s constitution regarding to job protection makes it difficult for schools to remove bad teachers who are hurting their student’s future. This lead to a group of businessmen and lawyers joining together to start “Vergara” cases on several courts around the nation (149). However, the teacher’s union think that Welch’s objective was conflicting and puts the union in danger as a whole, not just the “bad” teachers. The Time’s method of presenting this article will determine their responsibility and whether their method justifies the journalistic way of writing about the topic. As was previously stated, the article states the issues of job protection and teacher tenure that were pushed by businessmen and lawyers. The article focuses on whether the Vergara cases are justified or legitimate. The title of the story partially represents its entire contents accurately. The title, “Rotten Apples,” possesses a negative connotation to it and the article does talk about the bad teachers in a certain extent. However, the rest of the article questions the Welch’s logical reasoning during the Vergara case. Even though his aim is to get rid of the bad teachers, his success on winning the case has also caused many great teachers being laid off. These are some of the examples that

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