Rough Copy Of The 3 Keys

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Rough copy of the 3 keys
Paragraph 1. Set and ready Hello, I’m Sharpshooter and I love hockey. I do love video games and eating as well. I am pretty fast and people say I have navy blue eyes. One day, I was outside on my driveway, playing road hockey. I was shooting on my net when my iPhone rang. It was my friend, xSolqn_. He said, “SharpShooter, meet me at the top of the hill, I want to talk to you about something”. I dropped my hockey stick and gloves and ran to the hill on the corner of the street as quick as the flash. “Were going on an adventure to beat mobzilla”!!! Said xSolqn_. “Do you have something to fight with for just incase”? I said “no but I will get some from my house”. “I’ll be right back. I ran back to my house to get my bow, arrows and a shiny emerald sword. My bow has power V on it and punch II. I ran back to the hill as quick as the flash. “Ready to begin”, I said confidently. “Yes”, xSolqn_ said.
Paragraph 2. The adventure begins We walked down the grassy hill and onto a rocky mountain. 1/2 M away from the hill. “Watch out”! xSolqn_ screamed as a boulder came tumbling down the mountain. We went up the to the peak of the mountain. Then, the sky turned dark and a blast of acid came out of nowhere. “Come out now”, xSolqn_ said. Then the evil entity jumped up on a tall rock and hollered, “It is I, Nellie Sanik Davidson”! I took out my bow and xSolqn_ jumped and took out his hidden blades and hacked at Nellie while poisoning him at it. I shot an arrow as…
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