Rough Copy Of The 3 Keys

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Rough copy of the 3 keys
Paragraph 1. Set and ready Hello, I’m Sharpshooter and I love hockey. I do love video games and eating as well. I am pretty fast and people say I have navy blue eyes. One day, I was outside on my driveway, playing road hockey. I was shooting on my net when my iPhone rang. It was my friend, xSolqn_. He said, “SharpShooter, meet me at the top of the hill, I want to talk to you about something”. I dropped my hockey stick and gloves and ran to the hill on the corner of the street as quick as the flash. “Were going on an adventure to beat mobzilla”!!! Said xSolqn_. “Do you have something to fight with for just incase”? I said “no but I will get some from my house”. “I’ll be right back. I ran back to my house to get my
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He then dropped a key. Then he went up and disappeared. The sun then came out again. “That was weird”, I said. There was then a path at the bottom of the hill that was not there before. It had just appeared. Strangely.
Paragraph 3. Sneaking around We walked slowly down the mountain. There were tombstones on both sides of the bumpy, gravel path. xSolqn_ whispered, “aa-are w-we go-going the right way”? I whispered softly, “yea dude, don’t worry”! “OK” said xSolqn_. We continued down the rocky path until we came across a dark, undead forest. We walked in. I checked my arm and it has goosebumps all over it. I drew my sword, It shining in the slim sparkle of the sun’s, tiny rays. We continued on ready to attack. “I have a feeling we are being followed”. I said as sweat dripped on my arm. “Me too”, said xSolqn_. We checked as someone sprinted past us. Then we saw 2 zombies, 2 skeletons and a spider come out of the pitch black trees. Then, a person came out of the shadows. It was the evil MG. I took my sword and yelled, “TAKE THAT”! I whacked him again and again. He easily was gone and he dropped a second key. “We now have 2 keys”, said xSolqn_. We then continued down the trail until we found a bright light. It was the end of the forest.
Paragraph 4. Were trapped! The trail continued but changed from a rough gravel path, to a hard stone path. There was a bridge in front of us. “The bridge looks dangerous”, I said. We walked just in front of the bridge
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