Rough Seas And Overcrowded Boats Await Travelers Who Have

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Rough seas and overcrowded boats await travelers who have already made long journeys on foot. Some of these travelers choose to bypass a sea crossing and continue on land - trekking through rough terrain and hostile environments. These are the options of an escaping refugee. However, their journey does not end once they reach European soil. They might have physically made it, but there is a long road ahead to gain citizenship and acceptance in their new homes. The huge influx of refugees from Northern Africa and the Middle East trying to relocate to Europe is a historical movement and it is causing unprepared for consequences. This final paper will explore the conflicts that arise when there is such a large flow of culturally diverse…show more content…
Equally important is the understanding that the majority of these nations are also a part of the Schengen Agreement. This agreement allows people to move freely between states, with the normal hassle of checking formal documents at border crossings almost non-existent. Pertaining to the refugee crisis, this means that once they are in on European country, it is quite possible for them to move to another country in the agreement. Therefore, not every country is receiving the same amount of refugees, because if possible, these refugees are trying to get to the best location they can – the most stable and wealthiest nations. For instance, Italy and Greece are the main sea entry points to Europe, and therefore interacting with the majority of sea-crossing refugees. They are becoming completely flooded with refugees. Yet, once grounded, the refugees are still trying to continue inward and northward, even though Italy and Greece are better from where they came, they hope to make it to northern Europe. Yet because each country has different regulations, and different receptions, these travelers do not always make it to their intended destination. This further creates an unequal distribution of the refugees. Germany is one country that has decided to accept refugees; its stance has highlighted two main arguments to allowing asylum seekers. First, it’s the moral thing to do to help people in need. Secondly, immigration can provide a great boon to the economy (lowering

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