Rough Water Ahead

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1. How should Smooth Sailings’ management perform the recoverability test for the cruise ship as of December 31, 2010?
The following are the required steps to identify, recognize and measure the impairment of a long-lived asset (group) to be held and used: * Indicators of impairment — consider whether indicators of impairment are present. * Test for recoverability — If indicators are present, perform a recoverability test by comparing the sum of the estimated undiscounted future cash flows attributable to the asset (group) in question to their carrying amounts (as a reminder, entities cannot record an impairment for a held and used asset unless the asset first fails this recoverability test). * Measurement of
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When the FASB originally deliberated Statement 144, it considered and rejected requests for a limited exception to the fair value measurement for impaired long-lived assets that are subject to nonrecourse debt. Some constituents believed that the impairment loss on an asset subject entirely to nonrecourse debt should be limited to the loss that would occur if the asset were put back to the lender. The FASB decided not to provide an exception for assets subject to nonrecourse debt. In its basis for conclusions, the FASB explained that the
“Recognition of an impairment loss and the recognition of a gain on the extinguishment of debt are separate events, and each event should be recognized in the period in which it occurs. The Board believes that the recognition of an impairment loss should be based on the measurement of the asset at its fair value and that the existence of nonrecourse debt should not influence that measurement.” (Statement 144, paragraph B34)
2. What impairment loss, if any, should be recorded as of December 31, 2010?
As discussed above, if indicators of impairment exist for an asset (group) to be held and used, an entity determines whether the sum of the estimated undiscounted future cash flows attributable to the asset (group) in question is less than its carrying amount. If those undiscounted cash flows are less than

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