Round 1- The Setup. Yes, I Agree That By Adding A Social

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Round 1- The setup
Yes, I agree that by adding a social layer to a platform increases its success because personally I think it is beneficial in all aspects. The layers added to a platform beef it up even more and create better and convenient resources. I think for the most part I am telling the right stories on social media knowing the kind of person I am.
Round 2- The Characteristics of Great Content and Compelling Stories
According to Vaynerchuk, “Social networking sites light up people’s dopamine pathways and the pleasure centers of your brain. Your content must do the same, and it will if it looks the same, sounds the same, and provides the same value and emotional benefits people are seeking when they come to the platform in the
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Familiarity breeds acceptance.” In addition, the sheer number of users on Facebook make it one of the most important social media networks to have a presence on. We go on Facebook to engage with a piece of content and the more we engage with the content, the easier it is to filter our news stream. If you aren’t engaging in a brands posts, then you will see less from that brand in your news feed. To make a long story short, if a brand can’t engage their audience on Facebook, then they have failed because they wont make it through the filters that Facebook uses. List of five examples of poor posts 1 The first example I found is post from one of my favorite cycling brands. Their products are known to be good quality, but unfortunately they have a poor presence on Facebook. The screenshot I have attached is of a photo they posted. The photo is visually appealing, but there is no caption and lacks a story. 2 The second example I found was a post from London Luton airport. Sure the photo is more than captivating, but it probably isn’t the best idea to use a catastrophe that killed innocent children to help market your brand. The caption to the photo said “Because we are such a superior airport… this is what we prevent you from when it snows… WeeeeJ” 3 Another example of a poor post was one I cam across right away on my news feed. A friend of mine is going on

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