Route 66 Analysis

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Erttttt. As I slammed on brakes in theupcoming chaotic traffic. Maybe I should get off on the next exit and take the back roads. As in back roads I mean good ole Route 66. Exit up ahead. Ah sweet ole Route 66. As many people think that the Interstate is an easy quick way to get from where they was to where they need to be at; others may think it is terrible and drains their time so they take other highways. If you are like some out of many you want something calm and collective; not busy and chaotic. Many people think that they should go 80 to 90 miles per hour when they should only be going 70 miles per hour or lower which to me seems like it would reduce many of the outraging wrecks we have today. There has been an astounding 50,765 wrecks and counting that has happened on the interstate many may have lost their lives, many may have been in critical condition, and few have survived in all.…show more content…
That was incredible. The author states that when you are riding on an interstate that there is not really much that you could see and explore, but on Route 66 there is not many beautiful and outstanding things you can see and visit. You could see Gelena's mining and historic museum, cars on the route, Galena's haunted Bordello, Marsh rainbow arch bridge, Baxter Springs,and so many other astonishing attractions. It is not always about what you see when you are driving it about making memories with the people that you are with while you are driving. For example you could be with friends, family, or even college room mates going on a road trip to some where you could take Route 66 to get to where you are
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