Routes to Persuasion Essay

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pain and crevecoeur Persuasion is the force exerted to influence behavior that includes a reflected change in attitude. Everyday we are bombarded with messagesfrom people who wish to influence our behavior and attitudes. Persuasion canbe used to accomplish good as well as bad, though, in my paper I willrefrain from making value judgements and only report the factual aspects. I will discuss the two basic routes to persuasion, the elements involved, andways to protect current attitudes and behaviors from change. When trying to persuade someone, there are two different methods from which to choose-the central and peripheral routes. The central route persuades by usingdirect arguments and pertinent information. The peripheral route …show more content…
An attractive communicator has certain qualities, like physical appeal and similarity, that draw in theaudience. If the arguments of the attractive speaker are more readily accepted, central route persuasion has occurred or if we are persuaded by the unconnected positive association between the communicator and theproduct there has been peripheral route persuasion. When statements are made toa group by someone from the same ethnic background, the group is morewilling to listen. It appears true, the belief that we like people who aresimilar to us- and if we like someone we are more open to their suggestions. The second element of persuasion, the content of the message, deals with the specific type of messages that work best to convince. Emotional messages are most effective on less educated people, while rational appeals tendto score better with analytical or well educated people. Discrepancybetween the message and receiver opinion oftee effects whether persuasionoccurs. A credible communicator is most effective when arguing an extreme position and someone who is not viewed as credible is best off giving a viewpoint where there is a moderate discrepancy.

Communicators must decidewhether to put forth a one-sided or two-sided appeal. One-sided appeals work bestwith those who already agree. Two-sided appeals work best with people who are initially opposed to your idea. Also

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